The Smart OHS system is used by over 3000 businesses in Australia, from franchise stores to hotels, newsagents, pharmacies and manufacturing companies.

Here are some comments from our customers:

As the owner of five Subway Franchises and another retail Franchise store, I needed to cover workplace safety compliance in the most efficient way possible. We chose the online Smart OHS system and have found the affordability, its ease of use, and the support provided exceptional. So much so, we just signed on for a third year.

Ray Frazer, Subway, December 2013

We recently bought an UltraTune Franchise and needed to put in place a workplace safety system. Having had experience in setting up such systems from scratch in the past, I knew that was a road I didn't want to revisit. We looked around and found the Smart OHS online system, which alleviated a lot of the groundwork and stress. The regular emails remind me to action items in our online Member Area within the system, which has the added bonus of an online backup 'offsite'. The system shows continuous improvement in our safety system ensuring we are compliant with our legal obligations. This gives me peace of mind and more time to focus on other aspects of our business. The Smart OHS system at around $1 per day was a really easy decision to make.

Fiona Mackereth, UltraTune, November 2013

Smart OHS has made OHS so easy. It was really affordable too, at only $399 for 12 months access. It only takes us about 15 minutes per week and we know that we'll never forget an issue. Smart OHS does not let us forget a task we'd planned to undertake.

Edward Rawlings, Rawlings Menswear, July 2011

The system includes a contractor insurance editor which allows us to enter all certificates of currency information including expiry dates, policy numbers, type of policy and fields to attach scanned documents from all contractors that perform work at any of our properties.

Michele Mahoney, Laundy Hotels, August 2010

The reminders are most useful. It's very easy to just forget about something, where the Smart OHS System is like having a personal assistant.

Steve O'Sullivan, GM Establishment Hotel, Merivale Group, October 2009