$399 AUD - 1 Year Smart OHS Access

By clicking Join Now below, you're only three minutes away from having a fully integrated online OHS system for only $399 (AUD).
Upon joining you will receive one full year access to the Smart OHS system with all the online tools, check lists, policies and reminders you need to manage OHS in your workplace.

Smart OHS will make OHS very easy for your business.

The system will send you regular email reminders explaining how to complete necessary tasks to build your system, as well as ongoing reminders to undertake other important tasks over time!

Smart OHS is so easy to use. And you will most likely only have to ever login when you receive an email reminder from us! This gives you more time to run your business and less time to worry about compliance...
OHS in 15 minutes per week. Smart OHS. Making OHS easy.