Q. What are the OHS laws?

A. The laws relating to OHS/WHS in Australia are outlined in the relevant state's OHS/WHS legislation.

Some states, such as NSW, Qld, ACT and NT harmonised their WHS laws on 1st January 2012 to reflect the national framework for WHS legislation, the 'Model WHS Act 2011'

Other states, such as Tasmania are committed to harmonisation in 2013, whilst other states, such as WA and Vic have yet to commit.

For more information about the model WHS Act or general information about legislation, please contact Safe Work Australia authority.

Codes of Practice and Australian Standards provide even more specific detail about how work is to be undertaken in a safe manner and relate to specific tasks, procedures or industries.

Whilst Codes of Practice and Australian Standards are not legislation, the legislation will refer to each from time to time to highlight best practice (i.e. guidance for complying with the law).